Our Profile

We are a bus company at heart. But we provide more than that. To meet the growing demand for the industrial transport service needed in the 1980, Ang Boon Teck Bus Company have decide to expand the business by buying more buses. And today, we have over 15 buses, efficiently provide economic and social opportunities and benefits that results in positive multipliers effects such as better accessibility to market, employment and additional investments.



Our mission is to provide high quality and reliable transport services, continuously improving our operation and enhancing our customer’s experience.



Our company will lead the way to the future of moving freely and easily, consistently enriching people’s lives to deliver a safe and responsive way of moving people.

Our commitment

To our passengers

We transport safely passengers from one place to another and consistently enhancing our customer’s experience


To our drivers

We value the partnership with our drivers and shall create and working environment safe for them


To our staffs

We value and empower our staff and are committed to continuously develop them to their fullest potential


To our vendors

We honour the collaboration with our vendors and work toward achieving our common goals.

Our Core Value

To promote safe workplace

Safety is our first priorities. We work in a manner that is safe to the customers, employees and the people around us.


To be attentive to the needs of each person

We strive to be attention to each customer’s needs and wants while delivering quality service to them.


Dignity and respect for all

There is value in the diversity we experience every day – be it the value of the passengers, other employers. Each one’s dignity is to be respected in life and death. This dignity extends to all regardless of race, language and creed.