Boon Teck Bus Services

Travel and mobility are difficult without the use of transportation service, whether it is the movement of goods or the movement of people from their homes to their workplace or their homes to the places they shop. Speedy industrialization is impossible without the development of transportation. Boon Teck Bus Transport Company was established in 1977 by Ang Boon Teck. Our company transport people and commodities from one place to another place.


In our company, we put our customer’s safely as our first priority, as well as our employees. We ensure that the employees understand the safely regulation pertain to the industry and their premises are up to standard and we believe everyone in the workplace has a duty and responsibility to do whatever they can to keep the working environment safe.


Corporate Service

Driver will meet, greet and pickup your important VIPs and chauffeur them to office,
hotel, corporate function and important meetings held in Singapore.


Sightseeing for Tour

Are you organising an excursion for childcare children to a goat farm, Singapore Zoo
or Sentosa Kidzania? We will work out the best package for you!


Company Staffs / Workers Transportation

Whether is it daily or hourly transport needs in a company, we will provide
the most reliable service using our fully air conditioned buses.


Important Events

Malay wedding. Day Care Centre. School Bus Service. Funeral. We cater to
different special transport. We are exactly why you needed!

Our Private Bus Service Clients

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